Subway Game

Board game | Designing Games for Kids Class
Co-designed with Xinyao Wang, Anqi Zhao, Andreina Yulis and Jae Woo Ha

Subway Game is a board game designed for 7-12 year old kids during Designing Games for Kids class.

Have you ever found it exciting and adventurous to explore the city on a subway?

Well, here is your chance! We invite you to a journey around the city. What’s fun about it: it’s not your regular trip on a train, it’s a trip when you’re racing with your friends! And wait, that’s still not it: you are allowed to make your friends’ journey harder by delaying them and putting all the other kinds of obstacles on their way.

Age of players: 7+
Number of players: 3-4
Duration of the game: ~30min
Objective of the game: To explore the city map in an adventurous and fun way
Components of the game: a board, a deck of 97 cards, 4 play, 9 mission, 8 path, and 4 construction figures

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