If Maironis Was a Robot

Machine Learning Experiment | Learning Machines class
Dar jis mus ir ukai, daugel gi geidus, uzklotis visa!
Dziaugdamasis jam visai. Daugiau kas tare jisai! Graudingi Baustus atidengia sirdis sociai
Sau jums pavasario juosti norejo
Ir Tumas ant galo vainika
Lyg kas norejes sau
Yet it is us, nebulae, many would desire, onlays all!
Welcoming him at all. Many things he replied!
Graudingi punished uncovers heart full,
Spring yourself you wanted to turn black
Tumas and on the ends wreaths
As if anyone wanted to yourself

If Maironis Was a Robot is a machine learning experiment that analyses Lithuanian poetry and generates new poems based on that analysis.

How does it work?
It uses char-rnn - multilayer recurrent neural network algorithm to analyze poetry of two very well known Lithuanian poets Maironis and Juozas Erlickas - their poetry act as two different datasets.
After the algorithm is trained, the same algorithm generates new poems based on the results it gets.

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