Happy Hoppers

Physical game | Designing Games for Kids Class
Co-designed with Lindsey Frances, Esther Hersh and Xingjian N An

Happy Hopers is a physical game for 4-6 year olds where an entire room space is used as a large-scale board for the game layout. Designed during Designing Games for Kids class.

Hey hungry frogs! It’s almost time for dinner!

You need to head out to the pond to gobble up some flies. Hop around the pond on the lily pads, and be careful not to fall in the water!

  • Each player is given a spinner and a net
  • They have to place the lily pads and flies around the room. They have to make sure they’re close enough to jump to
  • The floor is the water, so kids can climb on anything else to get to a lily pad, except the floor

All the hungry frogs need to compete for the flies. Whoever gets the most is the winner.
  • Take turns spinning the spinner
  • If you spin a 2, hop two lily pads
  • Watch out not to fall in the water! If you fall in, you go back to your lily pad and don’t move this turn
  • When you finish jumping, pick up all the flies you can reach. No picking up flies on the way! Wait until you reach your final lily pad
  • Did your spinner land on the fly?? Oh no! All of your flies escaped! Throw your flies up in the air and you can’t collect any until next turn
  • If a fly falls out of your net into the water it escaped! Leave it to pick up on your next turn
  • Two people on one lily pad?? No pushing! If you push someone into the water, all of your flies escape 
  • When all the flies are collected, everyone hop on home and count your flies. The player with the most flies wins

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