GoLive Radio

Capstone project | Fullstack Academy of Code

Role: concept development, project planning, software architecture and development Technology: Socket.io, WevRTC, RTCMulticonnection, Node.js, Express, Sequelize, PostgreSQL, React, Redux, Semantic UI React Collaborators: Alex Sobiloff, Jared Jackson, Nick Milazzo

GoLive Radio is a live audio streaming platform that allows people around the world to stream their own radio shows. A platform makes it easy for anyone to live broadcast their voice at a moment's notice. It is a free platform and requires nothing more than a computer and mic to generate content.

How it works
Anybody can listen to live and archived broadcasts, but in order to create a broadcast, one must log in or sign up and create a station. Once a user creates a station they can then create a broadcast and go live! After broadcasting has finished, broadcasts are automatically archived. All the previous broadcasts can be found on user's station page or on the all broadcasts page.

Technology used
GoLive Radio uses a library built off of WebRTC and utilizing Socket.io called RTCMulticonnection. Socket.io is used to form a peer-to-peer connection taking the broadcasting burden off of the server. Each broadcast is capable of hosting up to 1000 connections.

Running on Heroku
Github repo

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